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Sonic Blast
Sonic Blast
Developer(s) Sonic Team
Publisher(s) Sega
Platform(s) Virtual Console (3DS) platform icon


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Sonic Blast  was the last sonic game on the sega gamegear. And there was also a version realsed on the Sega Master System. The game had a lot of problems with the physics engine. The game will have slow down some times when jumping on a enemy or when getting close to a enemy. The game got ported onto the 3DS virtual console. 


A island has appeared in the ocean where Sonic is taking a nap. Soon Doctor Eggman (aka Doctor Robonick) comes to the island. And starts to collect the shards of the chaos emerald's to power his base.


The game is a 2d game platforming game. You can play as Sonic who has the spindash. And now for the frist time sonic has a double jump that allows him to jump to higher platforms. And Knuckles can gulid through the air and climb. You fight Doctor Eggman (ak Doctor Robotnik) at the end of each zone's act. There is a boss fight at the end of each zone act two. You have to find all of the choas emeralds in the act two of each zone to find Doctor Eggman and win the game.


Green Hilll

Yellow Desert

Red Volcano

Blue Marine

Silver Castle


The first boss is the eggmoble

The second one is prodding spear mecha

The third boss is a ball and chain robot

The forth boss is a submarin fighter

The last boss is a eggmoble with lassers

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