Sonic Chaos
Sonic Chaos (Wii Virtual Console)
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Developer(s) Aspect
Publisher(s) Sega
Platform(s) Virtual Console (Wii) platform icon
Genre(s) Platform
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Sonic Chaos is 1993 video game released on Sega Game Gear & Master System. It was also released in 2009 as Virtual Console.


Doctor eggman ( ak doctor robcknik ) has taking the red choas emraled casing the others to lose there power. And now south island is sinking into the ocean.


Sonic now for the frist time on a game gear gear game has a spindash. Sonic now has a new ablity bost shoes which allow you to go intio the sky for a short amount of time. Sonic also has the sonic peelout. Choas emraleds are hidden thoughout the stages. Tails can fly in sonic chaos. But has a viry limted range.


  • Turquoise hill zone
  • Gigalpolis zone
  • Sleeping egg zone
  • mecha green hill zone  
  • aqra planet zone
  • electric zone 


  • Was the only sonic gamegear game to have the peelout.
  • The frist sonic gamegear game to have tailes.