These are the credits for Sonic Generations.

Created by



Art Director

Sound Director


In Cooperation with


Line Manager

Game Design Supervisor

Lead Game Designer

Game Designers

Technical Manager

Product Engineering Manager

Lead Programmer


Art Manager

Lead Artist


Sound Support

Special Thanks

Remix Artists & Composers


Recording Engineers

Recording Coordinators

Mastering Engineer

Sound Designer

Writers, Story and Script

Japanese Character Voices

Recording Producer

Recording Directors


English Character Voices

Voice Production

  • Studiopolis Inc.

Voice Director

Casting Directors

Recording Engineers

Recording Assistant

Dialogue Editors

Production Assistants

Production Accountant

Line Producer

French Character Voices

Voice Director

Sound Engineer

Project Managers

Artistic Manager

Audio Managers

Localization Manager

Italian Character Voices

Artistic Director

Sound Engineer

German Character Voices

Sound Engineer

Side Voice Director

Side Project Manager

Spanish Character Voices

Sound Engineer

Side Voice Director

Side Project Manager


Localization Manager



First Party Manager

Public Relations


Executive Sales and Marketing

Package & Manual Production

Manual Production

Product Test

QA Department Manager

QA Directors

Sonic Character Supervisors


SEGA of America


COO & President

Senior Producer

Associate Producer

Development Director, International

Senior VP of Production

Design Director

Creative Director

Development Operations Director

Executive VP of Sales and Marketing

Senior VP of Publishing and Content

Publishing Director

Senior Director of Marketing

Director of Marketing

Senior Brand Manager

Associate Brand Manager

Senior Public Relations Manager

Public Relations Manager

Media and Events

Director of Creative Services

Production Manager

Advertising Production Specialist

Graphic Designer

First Party Manager

First Party Specialist

Senior Director of Sales

Senior Director of Sales Operations

Director of Channel Marketing

Manager of Channel Programs

Senior Operations Manager

Senior Purchasing Coordinator

Inventory and Materials Coordinator

Licensing Manager

Senior Web Producer

Lead Flash Developer

Senior Web Designer

Video Production Manager

Assistant Video Editor

Community Managers

Customer Support Manager

Director of Legal

Legal Counsels

Contracts Administrator

QA Manager

QA Supervisors

QA Lead

Assistant Lead


Standards Supervisor

Standards Lead

Standards Assistant Leads

Standards Testers

Mastering Lab Supervisor

Mastering Lab Technician

Hardware Specialist

Hardware Technician

Text Proofreading

SEGA Europe


Senior Vice President - Production

Senior Vice President - Sales

Head of Studio - Japanese IP

Senior Producer


Director of European Marketing

Sonic Brand Director

Senior Brand Manager

Head of European PR

Senior European PR Executive

Head of Content

Head of Creative Services

Traffic Coordinator, Creative Services

Creative Services

Director of Business Planning and Operations

Purchasing Manager

Production Manager

Online Marketing Manager

Online Marketing Executive

Head of Online Services

Head of Legal & Business Affairs

Legal Counsel

Legal Executive

Licensing Manager

Head of Development Services

Localisation Manager

Localisation Project Manager

Assistant Localisation Project Managers


Mastering, Equipment and Submissions Manager

Senior Mastering Technician

Assistant Mastering Technician

Project Lead

Compliance Supervisor

Compliance Coordinators

Compliance Senior Testers

Compliance Testers

Language QA Supervisor

Language Team Lead

Language Assistant Team Leads

Language Testers

Functionality Supervisor

Functionality Project Monitors

Functionality Senior Testers

Functionality Testers

SEGA Technology Group

Technical Director

Head of Game Design

SEGA Spain

Marketing Director

Senior Product Manager

PR Manager

SEGA France

Marketing Director

Product Manager

Product Manager Assistant

PR Manager

SEGA Germany

Head of Marketing

Product Manager

Senior PR Manager

Senior PR Executive

SEGA Benelux

Marketing Director

PR Manager


Marketing Director

Product Manager

PR Manager

Trade Marketing

SEGA International

Product Manager

PR Manager

SEGA Australia

Marketing Director

Product Manager

PR Manager

Special Thanks

Chief Producers

Executive Supervisors

Executive Producer

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