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Southeastern Islands
Southeastern Islands
A screenshot of Southeastern Islands
Series Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
First game Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

Southeastern Islands is a dungeon where Raikou resides in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It is filled with mostly ElectricElectric pokémon, and it can only be entered if the player has Master Rank★★★.


The player can only bring the team leader, 8 items, no money, and they cannot call for a rescue.


Pokémon Floors Levels Recruitment Rate
Mankey 1-24 61-62 01Xmark
Magnemite 1-24 63 01Xmark
Hypno 1-24 ? 01Xmark
Exeggcute 1-24 61 01Xmark
Xatu 1-24 62 01Xmark
Ampharos 1-24 63 01Xmark
Umbreon 1-24 62-63 01Xmark
Murkrow 1-24 62 01Xmark
Girafarig 1-24 61-63 01Xmark
Hitmontop 1-24 ? 01Xmark
Elekid 1-24 61-63 01Xmark
Gardevoir 1-24 ? 01Xmark
Hariyama 1-24 ? 01Xmark
Aron 1-24 ? 01Xmark
Electrike 1-24 61-63 01Xmark
Plusle 1-24 61-63 01Xmark
Minun 1-24 63 01Xmark
Grumpig 1-24 62 01Xmark
Absol 1-24 ? 01Xmark
Gallade 1-24 62 01Xmark
Spinda 2-? ? 01Xmark
Raikou 12-24 65 100%

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