Space Tank VIXIV is a vehicle found in the Game Boy video game X and the DSiWare game X-Scape. It is a space tank constructed by Earth to counter the attacks executed by an alien race planning to takeover Earth's Nuclear Silo on the planet Tetamus 2. After destroying a convoy, Earth launches the VIXIV in order to take down their foes. After practicing with the VIXIV on Earth, the player and vehicle are sent to Tetamus 2 via a transporter and travels through eight different areas that are all connected by tunnels. The VIXIV has a limited number of missiles it can use, though its stock can be replenished by going to Satellite Stations. Some portions of the game take place in the air, with the VIXIV completely capable of air based combat.

The tank appears once more in X-Scape where it's described as an "advanced battle tank" that can fly in the air and maneuver on the ground. In X-Scape, the VIXIV is accompanied by another machine, the VIX-529, a robot that can enhance the VIXIV with new abilities and give the gamer tips on how to play.


In Metroid: Other M, the battleship which Adam Malkovich commanded is named VIXIV. This is because X and Metroid are both franchises which Yoshio Sakamoto has worked on.