Spat as seen in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak.

"Aarrrgh!!! what have you done, pfpth?!"

-Spat, surprised that Hamtaro & Bijou have managed to bring Oxnard & Pepper back together. -Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

Spat (full title: Spat the All-Fibber) is an evil hamster wearing a devil costume who is the main villain of Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak. he hates the very concept of love, and thus, seeks to destroy all love by breaking relationships of multiple ham-ham couples, obviously putting Hamtaro & Bijou's love in grave danger.


Spat, as stated above, hates love, and will go by any means necessary to turn all hamsters against each other. He wields a trident-like weapon which, in Hamtaro's dream, is what he uses to break people's hearts, though his actual method of destroying love is actually just lying to others about their love from the other's point of view, either just to make them never want to see each other again, or to put them in dangerous situations, or to take them prisoner. Spat also has a tendency to finish his sentences with "Pfpth", a possible showing of his disgust for love. He also dresses up as other hamsters as a method of turning them against each other, expressed when he dressed up as Pashmina to take Penelope's blanket, and as Penelope to stomp on Pashmina's scarf and let Penelope take the fall. Spat is apparently skilled at robotics, as he has built the so-called "Haminator 3000" to blow Hamtaro & Bijou away with a tornado every time they enter Spat Tower, his main headquarters.


  • Bijou is the only one who seems to notice when Spat says "Pfpth", revealing when he is in disguise.
  • When Spat is defeated, his devil costume changes to an angel costume. so it is possible that he and Harmony are deity-like beings.
  • The wings on Spat's costume apparently give him the ability of flight, which is another hint towards him & Harmony being deity-like.
  • Spat is the only evil character in the Hamtaro series.