Spatters are types of enemies in Epic Mickey that are the Shadow Blot's army. Their ears look like Mickey Mouse. Mickey first meets them in Slalom.

A Spatter seen in Epic Mickey.


Spatters wear different costumes:

Dark Beauty Castle: Jesters

Gremlin Village:

Slalom: Normal

Jungle Boat Ride: Pharaohs

Asian Boat Ride: Chinese Villagers

The World of Gremlins and European Boat Ride: European Dolls

Mean Street: Normal

OsTown: Normal

Mickeyjunk Mountain: Normal

Tomorrow City: TRON

Skull Island and Tortooga: Pirates (replaced Camp Pirate Whales)

Bog Easy:

Bog Easy Town: Normal

Lonesome Manor: Ghouls


The unused Spatters are the ones dressed as Hulas from South Pacific, Mexican Dancers from Mexico, Early Dutch Dolls in Denmark and Arabian Drummers in Africa.

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