Spear Guy Paper Mario

Spear Guys are Shy Guys that mainly appear in jungles and wield spears. They appear in Mario Party Advance, Yoshi's Island DS, Paper Mario and Mario Party 8, among other games. In Paper Mario, if they threw their spears, they'd turn into regular Shy Guys. In Mario Power Tennis, Spear Guy makes a short appearance. If Shy Guy uses his offensive and defensive power shots, he turns into Spear Guy to use his spear and hit the ball.


"This is a Spear Guy. Spear Guys are relatives of Shy Guys. They live in the jungle. Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0. You'll get hurt if you attack with the Hammer while they're pointing the spear at you. You'll also get hurt if you try to jump on them when the spear's pointing upward. Pay attention to the position of their spears when we attack. Oh yeah, they also sometimes call in reinforcements. After they throw their spears, they become ordinary Shy Guys."

Subspecies and Related Species

Dancing Spear Guy: A Spear Guy that dances and throws spears at Yoshi.

Limbo Guy: A Spear Guy that is invisible and Yoshi cannot defeat it.

Mini Spear Guy: A small Spear Guy that appears in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!.

Sleeping Spear Guy: A pink Spear Guy that wakes up when Mario is on a platform. As Mini Mario, the Spear Guy will sleep when he's on a platform with it.

Chuck Guy: A purple Shy Guy similar to the Spear Guy found only in Guffawha Ruins and Chucklehuck Woods. Mario or Luigi can only jump on it when equipped with Piranha clothing.