Spearhead from Wario Land 3
Series Wario series
First game Wario Land 3
Created by Nintendo R&D1
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Spearhead(JP) is an enemy from Wario Land 3. It also appears in Dr. Mario 64.


Wario Land 3

In Wario Land 3, Spearhead is one of the weakest enemies Wario encounters, as well as the most common, along with Para-Goom. They attack by walking along and poking Wario with their spear. By the end of the game, though, it's revealed that the Spearheads were really just the people of the Music Box World transformed by Rudy the Clown. When Rudy is defeated, one of the Spearheads changes into an elderly woman.

Dr. Mario 64

In Dr. Mario 64, one Spearhead appears in the game, as one the of the first enemies Dr. Mario and Wario face off against.

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