Spike Storm is a group of fighters with a pair of Spinies and a Lakitu.

They are ranked number fifteen in Glitz Pit.



During the battle with them, Mario can only jump on them when he's equipped with his Spike Shield.

In order to avoid fighting too many Spinies, Mario must kill the Lakitu.

A POW Block can knock them off with double damage. Mario can now jump on them.

The Lakitu will produces more Spinies if it's not killed.


Mario can only use a hammer on it when in the air by using his Hammer Throw.

When it's holding a Spiny Egg, he can only jump on it when equipped with the Spike Shield.

A Hammer Throw can make it cancel the attack.

When it's killed, there won't be any more Spinies to face.

Names in Other Languages

Stachi + Partner (meaning Spiny + Partner)