Spiky Topman
Series Super Mario Galaxy series
First game Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
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Spiky Topmans are enemies found in Super Mario Galaxy. They then reappeared in its sequel Super Mario Galaxy 2. They also make an unexpected appearance in a rare Mario Kart Wii tournament. They are bigger in Mario Kart Wii than they are in both Super Mario Galaxy games. They also belong to a group known as the "Topman Tribe".


Unless the player attempts to jump on top of them, Spiky Topmans won't make the player take any damage, but instead just attempt to knock the player off a cliff by spinning around and coming at the player very fast. They aren't defeated like most enemies are. The player needs to spin the Wii Remote to use the Spin Attack on them to make them fall off a cliff, or make them hit an electric wire, which will cause them to explode. Either that, or the player can run into them when they have acquired a Starman.


They appear as red spinning tops with yellow circles around them that they use to hit the player. They also have a large spike on their heads. There is a boss version of them known as Topmaniac.