TP Spinner

The Spinner is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It a gear-shaped, ancient device that is found and obtained in Arbiter's Grounds, and it looks pretty much like a big top with gears on the sides. The spinner has a few uses, one of which, and also the main use, is being able to attach to certain in-wall railings. The railings can take Link up, down, or accross to places he couldn't get to before. He can also jump the Spinner to another nearby railing when the current railing runs out or is blocked by something. When Link finds an in-ground gear switch, the spinner can be used to drop down and spin it, resulting in the gear being switched. The Spinner can cross quicksand as well, sometimes resulting in getting to places that could not be accessed before.

The Spinner can be used as a weapon as well, as demonstrated with the Arbiter's Grounds Boss, Stallord. To defeat this boss, the player needs to press the "B" button ("A" in the Nintendo GameCube version) right before Link touches Stallord's spine, making Link jump and hit Stallord. Doing this enough times will result in the spine being broken off. When it comes to average enemies, though, the spinner is ususlly not a good method of killing them. When Link is oon quicksand it is neccesary, but in most circumstances, it is not. The Spinner also does minimum damage to said enemy, so it usually takes a few hits to kill them this way.