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The Spinning Kong is an attack performed by Donkey Kong in the Super Smash Bros. series. It can be performed by pressing up on the joystick and the B button. This is used as a recovery move when you've been launched off of the edge. It will also attack your opponents if you're near them.


As Donkey Kong's up special, this is Donkey Kong's main recovery. It is much more horizontal than vertical so, the player should try to be as high as possible when performing this move. As an attack, the Spinning Kong has some decent damage racking up abilities with some minor knockback but, not too effective as a killing move unless the player is closer to the ceiling

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/ Wii U

In this version, the move has changed while on the ground. Instead a fairly stationary move that hits both sides, Donkey Kong spins his arms at more of a diagonal and it is much more mobile. It also has more hits on the ground now and there are some launch resistance at the start of the move. until close to the end.


The closest point of origin is Dixie Kong's spinning ponytail. Otherwise there is no point of origin and is a new move generated for the series


  • Chopper Kong - In exchange for damage, the move gets better vertical recovery.
  • Kong Cyclone - Less recovery but pulls in the opponent, with the final hit having greater knockback


  • Kong Cyclone is so good that it raised Donkey Kong from the very low end of the tier list to high tier when customs were introduced combined with Storm Punch

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