Spiny Orb (Spiny Capsule in Mario Party 5) is an item that appeared in Mario Party 5, Mario Party 6, and Mario Party 7. In Mario Party 5, the victim of the Spiny Capsule is chosen by a spinner and the coins are taken from the victim to whoever used it. Anyone who landed on a space containing this capsule also gets a spinning wheel to steal 10 coins from another opponent. In the game Mario Party 6, it became known as the Spiny Orb. The player who landed on the space containing the Orb got attacked by Spiny Shells and lost ten coins, which were then given to the owner of that space. In the game Mario Party 7, it reappeared. Opponents who passed it lost ten coins to the Spiny Shell again, but the coins were not given to the owner, but an advantage was given. It was activated when passed by.


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