A Spirit is a ghost version of a Pikmin or enemy in the Pikmin series for Nintendo Gamecube and for New Play Control for Wii.


Pikmin 1

Once a Pikmin dies from an enemy or hazard, the spirit is White Bluish. It has no dots coming out.

Pikmin 2

Once a Colored Pikmin dies from an enemy or hazard, the spirit will be its color. When Olimar exits a cave in the Treasure Salvage selection, this ghost has the look of a dead Purple Pikmin. While in Challenge Mode, it has a look of most Pikmin. Also in Piklopedia, the ghost has the same thing on the word, Pikmin Lost. Throwing Pikmin in some Sublevels through a Bottomless Pit makes a Pikmin die.


Pikmin 1

Once Olimar, a Hazard or a Pikmin kills an enemy, it will appear round with 3 circles in it. Some enemies don't have these spirits when it is dead.

Pikmin 2

This is the same thing and it makes a sound when an enemy is dead. When a Bulbmin dies, it has the smaller version of the spirit. When Olimar exits a cave after killing a creature, it will has a shadowed Bulborb and it is shadowed. Also in Piklopedia, it appears by the name, Creatures Defeated.


  • The spirits in Super Smash Bros. Brawl are different.