Spladooshes are Blotlings and enemies that explode and cannot move at all when they feel agitated in Epic Mickey.
Spladooshes, Epic Mickey

A Spladoosh, Epic Mickey.

They have the form of the Cyclops from Hercules.


Epic Mickey

Spladooshes are introduced in Mickeyjunk Mountain by the Paint and Thinner Pump. If Mickey uses Thinner on them, they will explode faster. If Mickey is near one when it grows, it will explode and the explosion will cause a double damage, losing about two to three lives.


  • Putting an Anvil will let a Spladoosh explode instantly.
  • Using Paint will let a Spladoosh become Mickey's friend and fall asleep.
  • Using a TV behind them will make them lean on it. If Mickey puts it on top of the Spladoosh, it will be electrocuted. Hitting it will remove the TV and sometimes explode or continue watching when it is painted.
  • If Mickey painted a Spladoosh and did a spinning move, he will just bounce off without taking damage.