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Splatoon 2 (NA)
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Splatoon 2 (JP) is the sequel to the Wii U online shooter, Splatoon, expanding on the game with new weapons and techniques. It will launch on the Nintendo Switch in July 2017. Like the original, the game will be supported with 2 years worth of content updates after launch.


The game plays much like the previous but, adds new weapon types like Splat Dualies, a pair of pistols which also allows the player to perform a Dodge Roll. Returning weapons from the original have been altered with new mechanics. All the Special Weapons have been replaced though a few have similarities. The game supports local multiplayer from multiple Switch consoles as well including LAN support.


The modes from the original all return at launch. This time the modes and maps rotate every two hours. In addition, the ranks for the modes are separate and performing well will let players go up more than one rank.


The new game has moved from Inkopolis Plaza to Inkopolis Square in this game bringing along new stages as well as remixed old ones.


Hero Mode

Salmon Run

Salmon Run is a new horde-esque for Splatoon 2 where teams hunt Salmon for their Power Eggs. These Salmon have various versions and come in waves. There are boss salmon which take a lot hits and deal more damage but carry Golden Eggs. To complete a round, players are required to collect a certain amount of Golden Eggs. The player can control the difficulty in 5% increments but, after players complete a series of rounds, they can attempt to go again at an automatically increased difficulty, up to 200%. The online version of this mode is restricted to certain days but, locally players can do this mode anytime.


There are new amiibo compatible as well as the old Splatoon series amiibo. As a new function of Splatoon amiibo, players can save their setup to amiibo and bring them to another Switch to use their gear alongside a friend. Players can also use it to take pictures in Inkopolis Square. Each of the new amiibo can unlock a set of gear.


The game takes place 2 years after the original. Much has changed with the hub of the town moving to Inkopolis Square. The new big group is now Off the Hook, with the Squid Sisters seeming to been broken up.

Hero Mode

Marie catches the eye of the protagonist and leads the player down a manhole like Cap'n Cuttlefish did in the original. Marie tells the player that the Octarians stole the Great Zapfish and that they need to help her recover it.


Within its three first days, Splatoon 2 sold more than 671.000 copies in Japan.


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