Spooky Speedster

The Spooky Speedster from Super Mario Galaxy.
Series Mario series
First game Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
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The Spooky Speedster is a character from the original Super Mario Galaxy. He is a Boo that wears a helmet and visor, and will challenge Mario/Luigi to a race in order to win a Power Star.

Mario/Luigi's first encounter with him is at the Ghostly Galaxy, where he must navigate through a course via Pull Stars. The next time they meet is at the Boo's Boneyard Galaxy, where Mario/Luigi transforms into a Boo in order to race him this time. Both times, the Spooky Speedster refers to the Power Star as "it", and also assumes Mario/Luigi is after "it" too, so he races him.

Due to the fact that he has to be raced, he is very much similar to Koopa the Quick from Super Mario 64 and Il Piantissimo from Super Mario Sunshine.