Fairy Group Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

Series Mario series
First game Super Mario 3D World
Notable members Sprixie Princess
Created by Nintendo EAD Tokyo

Sprixies are fairy-like creatures that first appeared in Super Mario 3D World. They are the native residents to the Sprixie Kingdom. They are fairly handy with tools, creating clear pipes leading to the next world after being saved.


The Sprixies are seen as little fairies with crowns and black eyes. Each of the sprixies have different hairstyles and seem to different personalities. They wear frilled dresses in a variety of different colors and a white collar. The color of their dress matches their hair and a jewel of that is embedded in their collar.

The more common varieties of Sprixies are pink with a bulb like hair. They can be seen in a variety of levels throughout 3D World. They also own and host a Sprixie House, providing a Stamp to the player and host the Mystery Houses.