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Squizzard is a squid-like boss fought in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the Slipsand Galaxy. He is one of the bosses that is fought on a planet that you can't go on the other side of. The other bosses fought on planets like that are Prince Pikante, Bouldergeist, Boomsday Machine, Giga Lakitu, and Whomp King. The planet he is fought on looks more like a tower, and at the top, there is sand getting sucked into what looks like a black hole in the middle of the stage. There is also a few rocks on the stage Mario can stand on. Squizzard will come out of the black hole and start throwing various objects at Mario. His weakness includes when Mario shoots fireballs in his mouth. The boss has 3 lives and when he looses 2 lives, he will get some guns that will shoot things at Mario.

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