Staff of Ages

The Staff of Ages is one of the most famous items in Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers. It is mentioned by multiple characters in the game. It is found on the very top roof of the Dragon Tower, somehow placed in the last dragon's head. It can only be handled, however, while wearing the Ring of the Kingdom. If the main character, Del Cottonwood, attempts to pick it up without the ring, he will become paralyzed. Once Del properly removes the staff, the dragon will awake.

Related Quotes

  • "You grasp the Staff of Ages, its power coursing through you! Wait a minute!? Too late! The power of the staff runs through you like a hot jolt- paralyzing you! You realize your mistake of handling the staff without proper protection." -Narration upon Del using the staff without the ring


  • The Staff of Ages is the initial item used to destroy the recently resurrected Talimar. When given to the statue of Lord Jair (along with the Ring of the Kingdom) found in the park, the statue will toss it at the Warlock Lord, killing it instantly.