Beginning with Super Mario Bros., stars have played a major part in the Super Mario series. Initially an invincibility powerup, they evolved to fulfill other purposes.


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What do they do:Edit


Super Mario series:Edit

In this game, Star is very rare item, only can be founded in few levels. They give Mariolimited in vincibility. Anyone who comes contact with the flashing rainbow magic will immediately get die. This magic can cause permanent death to enemies. Star in this game is red/dark orange with white/green eyes.

Same as previous.

Same as previous, but they are flashing pink to red. The only way to get them is to use 5 cherries.

Has similar manner to that of the game's predecessor. The only difference that the hero can run faster, and when you made him jump, he will make a backflip trick. They flash from white to pinky-red.

Similar to the previous game, except they often found in Roulette Block. They flash from yellow to red.

In this world's most best Nintendo DS game, Stars show their new look. They look 3D. They are incredibly rare, and only found in 1-1, 1-2, 4-6, Mega Goomba's castle and 8. They cannot be found in Toad House. They flash from invisible-grey to yellow.

Stars also appear in these games. They are known as Rainbow Star. They are always come in red/orange/yellow/green/blue/indigo/violet. They make heroes invincible, although they cannot protect him from falling into extremely fatal areas.

Stars also appear in Wii version. They do the same manner as the DS version, although very-perfect looking, 3D-like. Also, they can be found in Toad Houses and they use different remix music. They can be found in Roulette Block or ? Block. They pretend to be torch in dark places.

Same as previous.

DiC Cartoons:Edit

Stars also appear in this cartoon. They are smiling and they are orange.

Yoshi Series:Edit

Stars look very different. They are often strange-looking. They have bold black eyes and mouth. They also smile. They are always yellow and they always wear blue shoes.

Super Mario Land Series:Edit

Same as previous, although slightly similar.

Similar to that of previous game, although they do not jerk.

Similar, except they only do that for Wario.

Mario Kart series:Edit

Stars appear a lot. They are seen having spiky-spike corners. They are smiling they are surrounded in yellow ball. They make your player invincible. They make drivers increase speed and go on off-road without bothering about slow. If any invincible drivers hit someone, then two victims will automatically get knocked over behind. They can be very irritating and annoying if touched to someone.

Stars also appear in this game. They have no mouth. There are other way of getting them. They can be