Star Fruit Kingdom
Series Donkey Kong (series)
First game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
The Star Fruit Kingdom is the sixteenth and final kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. It is located in outer space on an asteroid. The Star Fruit Kingdom can be accessed by completing the Chili Pepper Kingdom and collecting 41 Crests. The Star Fruit Kingdom is the location of Sumo Kong.


Ninjape Rally

Ninjape Rally is the first level of the Star Fruit Kingdom. Donkey Kong raced against four Ninjapes. He does not need to win the race to advance to the second level. Flurl the Squirrel helped Donkey Kong in this level.

Asteroid Belt

Asteroid Belt is the second level of the Star Fruit Kingdom. The level begins with Donkey Kong inside of an asteroid. Donkey Kong must reach the outer surface of the asteroid. Dragons roamed on the asteroid, helping Donkey Kong by transporting him to different areas. Near the end of the level, Iguanagon chased Donkey Kong. With the help Hoofer the Wildebeest, Donkey escaped. After his escape, Donkey Kong had the option of either defeating Iguanagon or simply completing the level.