The Starfish is an elusive enemy found only in Super Princess Peach. It is a yellow star with pink cheeks that wears shades.

Perry Block

When Princess Peach hits the block, the block says that it's shaped like a star and will be in her glossary after defeating it.


Hoo's Woods

In Hoo's Woods 2-5, she must use her Gloom Vibe to follow it. As it goes up, she must jump on it and it doesn't die. It replaces the Cheep Cheep.

Wavy Beach

In Wavy Beach 5-5, she must tip-toe against it so it never wakes up. She should hit it with Perry and if wakened up, the Starfish goes away. It replaces an enemy horde.

Gleam Glacier

In Gleam Glacier 6-5, the Starfish stand up here under Peach and must use her Gloom vibe and it will go fast and run away and must jump on it. It replaces the Chain Chomp.