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The Steel type is one of eighteen Pokémon types. Notable Trainers that specialize in the Steel type Pokémon include Jasmine of Olivine City, Steven Stone, former Champion of Hoenn, and Byron of Canalave City. Prior to the fourth generation, where moves are designated physical or special based on the move itself rather than its type, all Steel-type moves were physical.

The Steel type was introduced in the second generation. As well as introducing new Pokémon with the Steel type, Magnemite and Magneton were retconned to be a dual-typed Electric/Steel Pokémon.

List of steel-type Pokémon

Pokémon Information
PKMN081 Magnemite
PKMN082 Magneton
PKMN205 Forretress
PKMN208 Steelix
PKMN212 Scizor
PKMN227 Skarmory
PKMN303 Mawile
PKMN304 Aron
PKMN305 Lairon
PKMN306 Aggron
PKMN374 Beldum
PKMN375 Metang
PKMN376 Metagross
PKMN379 Registeel
PKMN385 Jirachi
PKMN395 Empoleon
PKMN410 Shieldon
PKMN411 Bastiodon
PKMN413 Wormadam
PKMN436 Bronzor
PKMN437 Bronzong
PKMN448 Lucario
PKMN462 Magnezone
PKMN476 Probopass
PKMN483 Dialga
PKMN485 Heatran
PKMN530 Excadrill
PKMN589 Escavalier
PKMN597 Ferroseed
PKMN598 Ferrothorn
PKMN599 Klink
PKMN600 Klang
PKMN601 Klinklang
PKMN624 Pawniard
PKMN625 Bisharp
PKMN632 Durant
PKMN638 Cobalion
PKMN649 Genesect
PKMNXY679 Honedge
PKMNXY680 Doublade
PKMNXY681 Aegislash
PKMNXY707 Klefki

List of steel-type moves

Name Type Category Contest PP Power Accuracy Generation
Steel WingSteelPhysicalCool257090%Second
Iron TailSteelPhysicalCool1510075%Second
Metal ClawSteelPhysicalCool355095%Second
Meteor MashSteelPhysicalCool1010085%Third
Metal SoundSteelStatusSmart4085%Third
Iron DefenseSteelStatusTough15Third
Doom DesireSteelSpecialCool5140100%Third
Gyro BallSteelPhysicalBeauty5Varies100%Fourth
Metal BurstSteelPhysicalBeauty10Varies100%Fourth
Bullet PunchSteelPhysicalSmart3040100%Fourth
Mirror ShotSteelSpecialCute106585%Fourth
Flash CannonSteelSpecialSmart1080100%Fourth
Iron HeadSteelPhysicalTough1580100%Fourth
Magnet BombSteelPhysicalCool2060Fourth
Heavy SlamSteelPhysical???10Varies100%Fifth
Shift GearSteelStatus???10Fifth
Gear GrindSteelPhysical???155085%Fifth

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