Stewart Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

Stewart's sprite.

Stewart is a Cheep-Cheep who's job is the Cheep Blimp's conductor in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He checks passengers to make sure that they have tickets to get on the blimp. He loved the ocean when he was a child, and wanted to be a sailor when he grew up. Goombella says he is kind of like a sailor, but just in the air.


(In Rogueport) "That's Stewart, the blimp conductor. His job is to collect passengers' tickets. I heard he loved the sea even as a child and wanted to be a sailor... But now he's sailing the skies instead... I guess his dream sorta came true, huh? He's like an air sailor, or something...

(In Glitzville) "That's Stewart, the blimp conductor. He checks tickets for blimp passengers. He's what you call a Cheep-Cheep. Normally they don't hang out on land, but... They've actually been around quite a while in the Mario Bros. series, you know. Oh, gosh, I just broke the fourth wall, there, didn't I? Sorry. Just forget it."


  • Goombella breaks the fourth wall in Stewart's Glitzville tattle (seen above) when she talks about Cheep-Cheeps being around for a while in the Mario series. She even realizes she did and apologizes to Mario about it.