The Stinky Ghosts having a party.

Stinky Ghosts from Mother 3 are a large group of ghosts from Osohe Castle. At first, they serve as common enemies for Duster in Chapter 2, but later they become regularly-appearing, inoffensive characters.

With Duster, they also appear without attacking. One of these ghosts, for example, has a shop, in which it is paid with Rotten Eclairs. There is also another group of stinky ghosts who continously have a party at a room in the castle next to the kitchen. One of them will play an old piano with a ghostly keyboard, while others may drink wine or cook. By the time Fassad arrives in the castle the next morning, all the ghosts will have been kept in the kitchen. The same way, one bathroom in the Empire Pork Building will contains all the ghosts put in the same room. In Chapter 4, an anonymous ghost will have written in Tazmily's billboard, asking for villagers to die more often to have more fun. If visited during this time, the ghosts will lack the fun they had three years ago, and will rather feel too old. In the last chapter, ghosts will have been put together in a single room again, this time a bathroom in the Empire Pork Building.

(+) Max HP: 125 - Max PP: 0 - Offense: 48 - Defense: 10 - IQ: 18 - Speed: 22 - Exp.: 35 - Money: 0 DP - 50% of getting a Rotten Eclair


  • An unrelated enemy from EarthBound is also called Stinky Ghost. This type, however, are green beings living in trash cans.