Storm Eagle
Storm Eagle is a Maverick in the first Mega Man X game designed to resemble an eagle. He creates a large typhoon in the Death Rogumer.


Storm Eagle will be difficult to beat without his weakness. Eagle will use his wings to blow away Mega Man X, meaning it cannot damage X only, but it will knock him off the Death Rogumer. Eagle will then summon blue birds trying to hit X, similar to Pipis. Eagle will then try to dive into X and will blow away him with his Storm Tornado, an attack that's similar to Air Man's attack from Mega Man Anniversary Collection and repeats the pattern again. His weakness is Chameleon Sting, as it will sting him to death.

Stage Enemies

Other media

  • Storm Eagle appeared in the quarter minute movie, The Day of Sigma.
  • Storm Eagle appeared in the mangas, Rockman X and Rockman Remix.
  • Storm Eagle also appeared in the Carddas, Rockman X Mega Mission.