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StreetPass Mii Plaza
Developer(s) Nintendo

Arzest (later update)

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS platform icon
Classification(s) Wifi-icon Streetpass-icon Spotpass-icon Playcoin-icon Mii-icon
Genre(s) Variety
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Streetpass mii

A packed street pass plaza

The Streetpass Mii Plaza is one of the Nintendo 3DS's built in apps that are meant to go hand in hand with the Mii Channel.


  • Uses StreetPass Technology and Nintendo Zone locations to gather Miis from other 3DS's and the Internet during event occasions (Spotpass)
  • Stores data on every Mii that has been StreetPassed, and will update changes on every subsequent SteetPass
  • Choose which Mii to greet other Miis and what Hat/Costume they will wear.
  • Choose a bio (Greeting, Likes, Dreams etc) to show others.
  • Puzzle Swap (Updated Occasionally with new puzzles)
  • Streetpass Quest I/Find Mii (Battle Entities for hats and save your king/queen)
  • Streetpass Quest II/Secret Streetpass Quest II (Included with first update and secret quest is locked untill full completion of normal Streetpass Quest II)

Main Update

StreetPass Mil Plaza Trailer03:51

StreetPass Mil Plaza Trailer

StreetPass Mii Plaza Trailer

At one point, StreetPass Mii Plaza recieved a large update that made various changes to the application.

  • Addition of 4 new DLC Games
  • Massive increase in Music variety
  • Added 99 new hats
  • Addition of Slide Show for viewing completed Puzzle Swap panels
  • Addition of StreetPass Map for tracking locations of met Miis
  • Addition of Accomplishments
  • Free Pixel-Mario Hat for those who update Streetpass
  • Access to various games is at bottom screen for convenient use
  • Added shop, coupon shop, game screen (fountain with game icons) & update widget to selection.
  • Choose from 6 emotion types while greeting other miis. (Found in greetings menu)


Puzzle Swap
Find Mii
  • Puzzle Swap: The player collect pieces to a 3D picture.
  • Find Mii / Streetpass Quest: Hire Hero's or use accumulated Miis to fight enemies in a turn based RPG fight to earn hats.
  • Mii Force / Streetpass Squad: Command a team of Miis and mercenaries against the Gold Bone Gang.
  • Flower Town / Streetpass Garden: Become a master gardener and grow plants.
  • Warrior's Way / Streetpass Battle: Build an army and conquer the world.
  • Monster Manor / Streetpass Mansion: Battle entities as you escape a haunted mansion.


  • The background music changes in milestones for how many Miis you collect. It changes at 20, 50, 100, 300, 500, and 1,000 Miis, including your Mii.
  • First update included Streetpass Quest II and Secret Streetpass Quest II which included many new entites and many new hats to earn.
  • Upon release of the update, the shop was glitched preventing anyone from purchasing the DLC until it was updated shortly after release.

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