Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

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Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Capcom, Nintendo (VC)
Platform(s) Super Nintendo Entertainment System platform icon Virtual Console (Wii) platform icon Virtual Console (Wii U) platform icon
Genre(s) Fighting
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Street Fighter II: The World Warrior was the first console port of the famous arcade fighting game of the same name. It was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in July 1992. It was released on the Wii via the Wii Virtual Console on December 25, 2006 in the United States and December 29, 2006.



Street Fighter II title screen

Title screen

The characters in Street Fighter II were all associated with different countries around the world, although some countries had more than one representative.

These were the eight World Warriors available in the original Street Fighter II. This game was the debut title for all of the characters except Ken and Ryu.


M Bison

M. Bison

Four boss characters (listed in order faced) were only encountered after defeating the other normal fighters. They were not playable characters in the original Street Fighter II Three of the four characters had their names changed for the western version; see individual entries for the explanation. Sagat is the only boss returning from a previous game.
  • Balrog - United States (M. Bison in Japan)
  • Vega - Spain (Balrog in Japan)
  • Sagat - Thailand
  • M. Bison - Thailand (Vega in Japan)

(Note: M.Bison is not a native of Thailand, as his origin is unknown, but simply fights there in this series.)


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