Strollin' Stu
A Strollin' Stu as seen in Super Mario Sunshine.
Series Mario series
First game Super Mario Sunshine
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Strollin' Stu are creatures who first appeared in the GameCube video game Super Mario Sunshine. They look much like Goombas and are often referred as a sub-species of Goombas as well. There are many differences between these two Creatures and People are not sure if there the same Species or not or just similar kind of unrelated Creature. They live on Isle Delfino, and can be killed by one hop on the head. Similar to Shy Guys, Strollin' Stus seem to stack themselves on each other to make a tall enemy.

Differences between Goombas and Strollin' Stu's

Goomba Strollin' Stu
Goombas are brown. Strollin' Stus are more orange.
Goombas' eyes are white with black pupils. Strollin' Stus' are white and squinted.
Goombas have no clothes.

Strollin' Stus have what seem to be red and white  underpants.

Goombas have no noses. Strollin' Stus have large noses, similar to Mario's.

Levels they will appear in

The species can be found on three different levels in Super Mario Sunshine, not including the many secret levels where they can be found. The levels they appear on are Delfino Airship, Bianco Hills, and Pinna Park.

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