The Struttin' Evil Mushroom is an enemy from the SNES game, EarthBound. It also appears in the sequel, Mother 3, though it is known there as the Ramblin' Mushroom.

In EarthBound, the Struttin' Evil Mushroom comes in two colors, red and green. The red one is weaker and is encountered more earlier in the game, while the green one is stronger and encountered later on in the game. The red one also has a 50% chance of dropping a cookie, while the green one has a 6.25% chance of dropping a Rust Promoter.

What is notable about both of these mushrooms is that they both are able to "mushroomize" characters, which cause tiny mushrooms to grow out of their heads and make them attack other characters. In addition to that, they also mess up the controls and make characters walk in different directions then how they are supposed to.

The Ramblin' Mushroom in Mother 3 is just like the Struttin' Evil Mushroom in EarthBound, only it has a 60% chance of dropping an edible Mushroom.



Version 1

HP: 60
PP: 0
Offense: 15
Defense: 10
Speed: 5
Guts: 5

Version 2

HP: 157
PP: 0
Offense: 29
Defense: 22
Speed: 28
Guts: 7

Mother 3


Level: 15
HP: 178
PP: 0
Offense: 43
Defense: 16
IQ: 7
Speed: 15