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The Stylus (a.k.a. Styli) is an accessory available with every Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL, Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS XL and Wii U. Every Stylus comes in a range of colors.


The Stylus is a pen-like object. It is located at a specific area of the DS, depending on which model. The stylus can be very helpful, because it helps players use the DS by touching the bottom screen. But, the stylus can easily get lost, so take care of it, especially if the DS is near small children, pets or something else.

If someone bought a 3DS, the stylus looks a little bit similar or different. It is shaped like a short crayon. You can extend it by holding the black end of it and moving it backwards (up to 100mm). If someone bought a DSi XL, there is a brand new, improved version of stylus known as a 'Touch Pen'. A 3DS's stylus is made with some sort of metal which makes it very, very shiny, unlike all others, which is made with plastic. It also extends for more convenient storage.


The dimensions of the stylus vary from model to model. Below is a table comparing the sizes.


Nintendo DS Nintendo DS - Original Grey Model

Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo DS Lite Console

Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSis

Nintendo DSi XL (normal)

Nintendo DSi XLs

Nintendo DSi XL (Touch Pen)

Nintendo DSi XLs

Length 75 mm (3.0 inches) 87.5 mm (3.44 inches) 92 mm (3.6 inches) 96 mm (3.8 inches) 129.3 mm (5.09 inches)
Width 4 mm (0.16 inches) 4.9 mm (0.19 inches) 4.9 mm (0.19 inches) 4.9 mm (0.19 inches) 10 mm (0.39 inches)

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