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The Gunship comes out of what once was the Isle of the Ancients.

The Subspace Gunship is huge flying battleship seen in the Adventure Mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It apparently has enough firepower to shoot down the Halberd, though our heroes escape on a variety of vehicles. It's weapons include a large amount of turrets, a huge cannon that's laser creates the equivalent force of a huge Subspace Bomb, and its main weapon, a massive laser that cuts through the Halberd and destroys it in a single hit.

Huge gunship

Ganondorf and Bowser on the city sized gunship

Trophy description

"Ganondorf made the Subspace Bomb factory self-destruct in order to draw this ultimate weapon out from Subspace. It's capable of infinitely rending space, and its firepower is greater than that of any weapon. It exists to draw all of this world into Subspace, but the last-ditch efforts of the fighters might prevent this."

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