The Subterranean Complex is a cave in Pikmin 2.

How to get

The longest cave of the Valley of Repose is quite far from the landing site. To get there, Olimar must kill the Watery Blowhog and Withering Blowhog, use White Pikmin to destroy the gate and shut off the gas and enter the cave! It is highly recommended to bring a few numbers of each kind of Pikmin because of the fact that this cave contains all hazards in the game, and Purple Pikmin can be especially useful against the boss in the last sublevel.

Sublevel 1

It's the first cave to introduce the Bumbling Snitchbug and Mitites! There are Snow Bulborbs and Hairy Bulborbs in this level. The treasures are Nouveau Table and Exhausted Superstick.

Sublevel 2

Drigibugs rule this level! It's a bomb-rock bonanza! A pilot must throw purple PIkmin, the best Pikmin. The treasures are Spirit Flogger and Network Mainbrain. More Mitites in this stage?

Warning: If Olimar finds a live bomb-rock, he must move his Pikmin away from it.

Sublevel 3

It's a Cannon Beetle Battlefield! There is also fire too! The treasures are Superstrong Stabilizer, Omega Flywheel and Coiled Launcher. There are Mitites again!

Warning: One has the treasure, Olimar must kill it by punching or throwing Pikmin.

Sublevel 4

There are Ivory Candypop Buds in this stage. Also, there are Mitites. There's a geyser here!

Sublevel 5

Ugh! Too many bombs are in this level! Volatile Dweevils rule here too! Olimar must get the treasures wisely. The treasures are Mystical Disc and Adamantine Girdle.

Sublevel 6

Dweevils and Drigibugs! More Mitites? It's another tough field! There's no water here, though. The treasures are the Repair Juggernaut, Vacuum Processor and Space Wave Reciever.

Sublevel 7

It's a dangerous battlefield of Gattling Groinks. Once a Groink is too close to the bombs, Olimar must let it shoot and let the bomb explode, in order to kill it. Mitites live in the battlefield and Volatile Dweevils, too. The treasures are Indomitable CPU, Furious Adhesive and Thirst Activator.

Sublevel 8

More Candypop Buds and Mitites and a Geyser? Olimar can kill the buds and Mitites.

Final Floor

It's the Man-at-legs! It's a shooting Beady Long Legs! It has the Stellar Orb! To defeat it, Olimar must wake it up and throw purples at it and it'll shake. It'll shoot at the Pikmin and he must stay away from the shots and he should keep attacking until it's destroyed. Whoa! It's the Stellar Orb!

Warning: Lights on! The Solar System is helping Olimar and Louie explore the dark!