Sumner is the main protagonist who was Garm's "brother". He can unlock new realms for you and will be your in-game announcer.


His evil brother, Garm released a notorious demon named Skorne from the Underworld. Many years when our world is almost ending, Sumner called in the heroes to save the realms.


Gauntlet: Legends

Sumner debuted in Gauntlet: Legends who told you to save the Gauntlet realms from the Underworld breaker, Skorne. Later, Sumner wants you to banish one of Skorne's minions. Sumner will be happy if you defeated the minions of Skorne, but Skorne will hear you that you have defeated one of his minions! After you destroyed Skorne, Sumner will be happy celebrating that you defeated Skorne. After that, Garm will hear you that you killed Skorne. If your health reads "200", he will say a quote for example, "Green Archer - needs food!". When above "150", he will say another for example, "Red Minotaur - needs food badly!". When above "150", he will say another one for example, "Yellow Jackal - is about to die!". If you lose, he won't say an example of a quote from Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows and the arcade version of Gauntlet, like "Yellow Warrior has died.", "Your life force is running out!" and "All your powers will be lost.". He wouldn't also say the quote from the two arcade versions where he appeared, like "Buy extra health right now!" or "Press the start button to get extra health.".

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

Sumner made his next and latest appearance in the game. Now that he used his Rune Stones to protect the Underworld entrance from releasing Skorne. Sumner will appear in the Introduction clip before you start the game. If you quit, Sumner will tell you that why you're gone and he'll be caught on fire and will scream to death.


  • If you quit the Nintendo 64 versions of Gauntlet: Legends, the Game Over clip with him doesn't appear.