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Chibi-Robo Sunshine

Artwork of Sunshine from Chibi-Robo.

Sunshine is a teddy bear that belongs to Jenny in Chibi-Robo!: Plug Into Adventure! for the GameCube.


Chibi-Robo!: Plug Into Adventure!

Through half the game he is seen with Jenny most of the time, but after Jenny's mom locks herself in the Bedroom, Jenny leaves him behind. When Chibi-Robo and Telly Vision meet Sunshine, for a moment he is eating nectar and doesn't notice them until Telly apologizes for talking while he is eating. Sunshine finally notices them, wondering how long they have been standing behind him, before Telly can answer, Sunshine acts strange, worrying Telly and Chibi-Robo. Telly begins to ask him why he is acting weird, Sunshine tries to hide it saying that nothing. After Telly says that him and Chibi-Robo should get going, Sunshine acts strange again. He hides his face only to come back up again, with a extremely mad expression on his face and threatens to hurt Chibi-Robo if he doesn't bring him nectar. After he gets nectar the first time, he remains calm.

Later after Chibi-Robo helps Princess Pitts with her fears, Sunshine once again goes insane and takes his anger out on Princess Pitt's castle. Despite her trying to beg of him to stop, Sunshine doesn't listen to her and continues to shake the castle. Drake Redcrest comes in to see any danger in the room, only to find Sunshine who is out of control. Drake Redcrest tries to stop Sunshine, who isn't happy to find Drake trying to stop him. Drake tries using a force shield to protect him, but Sunshine punches Drake (due to the fact that he made the forcefield when Sunshine was inside it, Sunshine was able to hurt him). With Drake Redcrest out of his way, Sunshine returns back to the castle and continues his rampage. Sunshine is stopped, when Mort comes in and uses a scary thing that pops out of him. Sunshine doesn't attack Mort, and begins to laugh. He calms down after laughing, but seems to feel guilty for his behavior and wants to cure his nectar problem, He gives Chibi-Robo a seed of a flower called the Legendary Flower which contains nectar that could cure him, but Sunshine points out that it takes ten years to grow, and Chibi-Robo must go back in time using a time machine owned by aliens in the game. After the seed is planted, the flower grows in the Bedroom. Chibi-Robo must use the Squirter to get the nectar out. Once the nectar is given to Sunshine, he no longer eats nectar, and he will give his Sticker