Old Suntory Whiskey joker card (non-erotic deck).

Suntory playing cards are Nintendo manufactured Western playing cards for the Suntory beer company. The several Suntory decks prove that the company was one of Nintendo's primary clients. The exact number of decks Nintendo manufactured is unknown but it's thought to be around 10 (though could possibly be much more).

A few of the decks actually featured images of nude or partially nude women on the face of the cards. The Suntory Dry Gin deck is probably the most revealing, with the Joker card featuring a nude woman sitting on a couch. The Old Suntory Whiskey Eroticism card deck released in 1978 presents nude illustrations instead of real pictures. With just the breasts showing, none of the decks had completely nude women. This was probably due to Japanese pornography laws that are still enacted.

About Suntory

Suntory is a alcoholic brewing company based in Japan. It was started by Torii Shinjiro in 1899, ten years after the opening of Nintendo. In 2009 Kirin and Suntory began discussing the possibilities of a merger, though a year later in 2010 they canceled the plans.