Super Donkey Kong 2
Title Screen (Super Donkey Kong 2, Pirate)
Developer(s) Hi-Game
Publisher(s) NT
Platform(s) Nintendo Entertainment System platform icon
Genre(s) Platformer
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Super Donkey Kong 2 is a pirated version of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest';. This gam was released by Hi-Game on the Nintendo Entertainment System.



Diddy on the world map of Gangplank Galleon.

Gangplank Galleon is the only world included in this game. It has three levels similar in design to Pirate Panic, Mainbrace Mayhem, and Rattle Battle.

Differences from the legitimate Donkey Kong Country 2

  • Difficulty is increased not only because Diddy is the only playable character, but also because there are no continue barrels, no normal (weapon) barrels and no animal helpers (except Rattly the Rattlesnake, who makes an appearance in the final level).
  • Banana Coins are found floating in the air in some of the levels and can also be collected at the End of Level Targets, but they are completely worthless since Cranky Kong, Wrinkly Kong, and Funky Kong are removed in this version. What led to the inclusion of the Banana Coins in this version is unknown, but it may have been for authenticy or perhaps the Kong family members (Cranky, Wrinkly and Funky) were originally going to be included but left out due to a deadline.
  • As one may expect, the sound quality is toned down due to the fact the NES's sound capabilities are far weaker than the SNES. All of the music and sound effects are in Mono sound only, and is of MIDI quality. However, surprisingly, the Famicom version includes full versions of the included music tracks and sounds very true to the originals. Still, a lot of music tracks are missing mainly because there are so many levels missing.


Despite the fact she appears on the Title, Game Over, and Ending screens, Dixie is not a playable character in this version of the game, limiting the player to playing only as Diddy.