List of quotes made by Super Macho Man.

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

  • "I work on my tan harder than I'll have to work on you!"
  • "I don't smoke... But tonight I'm gonna smoke you!"
  • "My Super Spin Punch is totally tough!"
  • "My body is just so totally cool!"

Super Punch-Out!!

  • "Make sure to stand clear while I pose for my fans."
  • "Fighting hurts my gorgeous body, but trashing wimps makes it all worthwhile."
  • "I'll have to train a bit more. Maybe I'll start with my abs..."

Punch-Out!! (Wii)

  • "Are you ready? 'Cause I'm about to put on a show!"
  • "PUMP! IT!"
  • "HANG! TEN!"
  • "WIPE! OUT!"
  • "No!"
  • "Bogus!"
  • "Dude!"
  • "Photo op!"
  • "Super... Macho... Man!"
  • "Stay down."
  • "Why! Don't! You LOVE me!?"
  • "Make sure you get my good side. Oh wait! I only have good sides!"
  • "Oh THESE sunglasses? You can't afford THESE sunglasses! And get your hands of the ropes!"
  • (knocks down referee) "Get outta my way! It's showtime!"
  • "When I'm done with you, no one's gonna DARE take your picture!"
  • "Yeah! YEAH! Welcome... to MY world!"
  • "Oh now you love me. Now you love Macho Man. Well it's too late...Maybe not!"
  • "I STILL look better than YOU Little Mac!"