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Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario Advance 4 Super Mario Bros 3 (NA)
Developer(s) Nintendo R&D2
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance platform icon Virtual Console (Wii U) platform icon
Genre(s) Platformer

03ESRB E  01PEGI 3  01CERO A  01ACB G

Credits • Gallery • Cheats & Hints • Videos
Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 is the fourth game in the Super Mario Advance series. It is a remake of Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game also comes with the arcade game Mario Bros., which also has better graphics, and a more complex multi-player mode.

Changes from Super Mario Bros. 3

  • Mario and Luigi are given voices.
  • The R button activates the e-Reader function.
  • The inventory window is significantly larger giving the player 35 items to hold instead of 28.
  • Temporary saving is provided. Afterward, the game reverts to the previous permanent save. Permanent saves come after completion of a fortress or world.
  • It features more levels if certain cards are scanned with the e-Reader.
  • Luigi retains his updated form and his Super Mario Bros. 2 ability.
  • The Mushroom Houses now allow you to move and choose a box while the message is being displayed.
  • The "Mario & Luigi" mode is now playable in single player through handheld, and the original multiplayer through the GameCube. However, the Mario Bros. easter egg that was possible when pressing A while in the same place as the other player has been removed, most likely due to the included remake of that game.
  • Lives can now be transferred to Luigi to Mario and vice-versa, a la Super Mario World.
  • The sprites have been updated.
  • The cards have been colorized (like in the Super NES remake of Super Mario Bros. 3) and are now called "panels".

Virtual Console

The game includes all the E-reader levels even the ones not released outside Japan.

E-Reader Card List

Series 1:

  • Classic World 1-1: Level Card
  • Doors o' Plenty: Level Card
  • Magical Note Blocks: Level Card
  • Piped Full of Plants: Level Card
  • Slidin' the Slopes: Level Card
  • Frog Suit Card: Item Card
  • Hammer Suit Card: Item Card
  • P-Wing Card: Item Card
  • 3 Super Leaves Card: Item Card
  • 5 Starmen Card: Item Card
  • 5-Up Mushroom Card: Item Card
  • 8-Item Set Card: Item Card
  • World 1-1 Speed Stage: Demo Card
  • World 1-2 Unlimited 1-Ups: Demo Card
  • World 2-2 Toad's Hidden House: Demo Card
  • World 5-5 Toads Hidden House: Demo Card
  • World 7-2 Toad's Hidden House: Demo Card
  • Orange Switch Card: Special Card

Series 2:

  • Bombarded by By Bob-ombs: Level Card
  • Para Bettle Challenge: Level Card
  • Swinging Bars of Doom: Level Card
  • The 'ol Switcheroo: Level Card
  • Vegetable Volley: Level Card
  • 3 Fire Flowers Card: Item Card
  • 3-Suit Set: Item Card
  • 4-Item Set: Item Card
  • 10-Up Mushroom: Item Card
  • Cape Card: Item Card
  • Starmen Card: Item Card
  • Tanooki Suit Card: Item Card
  • World 3-4 Unlimited 1-Ups: Demo Card
  • World 3-8 Toad's Hidden House: Demo Card
  • World 4-2 Toad's Hidden House: Demo Card
  • World 6-7 Toad's Hidden House: Demo Card
  • Blue Green Switch: Special Card

Game Promo:

  • Wild Ride in the Sky: level Card
  • Super Leaf Card: Item Card

Wal-Mart Exclusive:

  • Airship's Revenge: Level Card
  • 1-Up Mushroom Card: Item Card
  • Fire Flower Card: Item Card
  • Super Mushroom Card: Item Card
  • World 4-6 Unlimited 1-ups: Demo Card


Exclusive Features

  • See-saw platforms
  • Grey Brick Blocks (Can only be destroyed by Hammer Suit or crushed by Tanooki Mario's statue)
  • ! Switch
  • Rotating Blocks
  • Sideways Venus Fire Trap
  • Ace Coins
  • E+ Coins
  • Invisible Blocks (can be visible when Mario transforms into the Tanooki Mario statue)
  • ? Block with Kuribo's Shoe
  • Grey spike Donut Lift
  • Blue Boomerang
  • Big E-switch
  • E-switch

Features and Enemies from Past Titles

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario World

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Super Mario Advance

  • Giant Vegetable
  • Items trapped in bubbles

Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World

  • Yoshi's Fireballs

Super Mario Bros. 3

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