Super Mario Bros. (Game & Watch)

Super Mario Bros. was released on the game and watch in 1983 and featured 8 levels, in which the player (Mario) has to rescue Princess Toadstool from the evil King Koopa.

It was also re-released as a nintendo mini classic in 1998.


The plot is almost identical to that of the original NES game , only shorter and without boss fights.


Mario must go through eight auto-scrolling levels without falling and losing a life. When the levels are cleared, Mario must repeat them in the next loop. The second loops and onward have enemies. Further, Lakitus throw hammers as opposed to Spinies . There are a total of nine loops of increasing difficulty. There are two types of levels; scroll screen levels and timer screen levels. In the scroll screen levels, Mario must travel a given distance displayed on the screen. In the timer screen levels, Mario has to go through the world within a given time.



  • World No. 1 Canyon
  • World No. 2 Gym
  • World No. 3 Burning Room
  • World No. 4 Channel
  • World No. 5 Hop
  • World No. 6 Beam
  • World No. 7 Maze
  • World No. 8 Burning Road



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