The Super Mario Bros. theme is the theme of the Nintendo Entertainment System video game Super Mario Bros. Composed by Nintendo employee Koji Kondo, the Latin-themed song has been featured in many video games and is widely considered to be the most recognized video game song.

List of games

The following are games in which the song has made an appearance. Take note that most of the song's appearances are remakes of the original.

Game System Notes
Mario video games
Super Mario Bros. NES The song's first appearance. It was played during the overworld segments.
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels NES The song was played during the overworld segments like in the original.
Super Mario World SNES The theme appeared on the map screen of the Special World, but was not featured during the overworld levels.
Super Mario Sunshine GameCube A version of the theme played during the bonus stages in which Shadow Mario takes F.L.U.D.D.
Super Mario Galaxy Wii Plays during the Toy Time Galaxy missions.
Other video games
Super Smash Bros. Nintendo 64 Played on the Princess Peach's Castle and Mushroom Kingdom stage. The remixes for each are different.
Super Smash Bros. Melee GameCube Played on the Mushroom Kingdom and Princess Peach's Castle stage.
Viewtiful Joe GameCube A random character whistles the theme in this Capcom-published video game.
Tetris DS Nintendo DS Plays during the earlier levels of the main game when the overworld scene from Super Mario Bros. is playing on the top screen.
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Wii Two versions of the song were present in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, one arranged by Koji Kondo and the other by Masaaki Iwasaki.
WarioWare series Various systems A variation of the theme has appeared in every WarioWare game. It plays during the Super Mario Bros. themed stages. In some of the games the player can mess around with the tune by using certain tools.

In other media

Production Notes
The Great Mission to Save Princess Peach The song appears as background music in the movie. It is also featured twice on the soundtrack, as "Mario the Great" and "Mario Walk".
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! The song is used as the instrumental for the show's opening theme as well as the closing theme, Do the Mario. Background music based on the song can also be heard in the episodes themselves.
Super Mario Bros. (film) Audio of the song plays during the opening logos.
Super Mario Compact Disco The version from Super Mario World is used as the instrumental for the song "Super Mario Bros. Theme".


The Super Mario Bros. theme is among the most popular ringtones in the United States, appearing on the top 10 most downloaded songs for hundreds of weeks in a row.

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