Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor
Star 1: Megaleg's Moon
Difficulty: 3/10
This is the first major boss fight, and will be against Bowser Jr.'s Megaleg robot. On the first planet, you'll notice that everything valuable is trapped inside cages, and the only way to break them is to get the Bullet Bills to follow you and destroy the cages. So find the cannon, and wait for a Bullet Bill to come out. Go back to where the launch star is in the cage, and go behind it. The Bullet Bill should destroy the cage, allowing you to go through it and onto the bosses' planet.

Right when you land on the planet, Bowser Jr. will activate his large robot Megaleg, which will attempt to stomp on you with his huge feet. Wait until one of the feet crashes onto the planet, then quickly go on top of it. The arrows are pointing up, meaning you can climb up it. While climbing up, Bullet Bills will charge your way. Dodge them and continue on. Up ahead of these canons are rotating cogs. Jump over them and land on the other side.

Eventually you'll be on the robot's head. It's being powered by the Grand Star in its casing, and to protect it a set of fences will arise. What you have to do here is direct the onslaught of Bullet Bills so that they hit the fences. After this, quickly get the Bullet Bills to break the casing so that you can get the Grand Star.

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