Super Galaxy Trading Cards are trading cards that were created to celebrate Super Mario Galaxy's release. A
Super Mario Galaxy Trading Cards Booster Packs

The 2 booster packs released.

Super Mario Galaxy Trading Cards Box Set

The box set released.

booster pack has 2 regular cards, a trivia card, a standee, and a FunTat. A box set was also released.


  • The Kingfin card was misnamed "Bonefi'n".
  • The Baron Brrr card only has 2 R's while the actual name has 3.
  • The "Home to Dino Piranha" card has the word "piranha" misspelled as "pirahna".


  • Every 1 in 6 packs of cards has a special foil card.
  • The artwork for the Piranha Plant on its card is really Prickly Piranha Plant artwork. There was no Piranha Plant artwork for the game.

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