This is the official CD soundtrack for Super Mario Kart for the SNES. It has a total of 31 songs.

List of Songs

1. Nintendo Logo

2. Title Screen

3. Choose your Driver

4. Race Fanfare

5. Countdown

6. Mario Circuit

7. Donut Plains

8. Ghost Valley

9. Bowser's Castle

10. Choco Island

11. Koopa Beach

12. Vanilla Lake

13. Rainbow Road

14. Final Lap Warning

15. Invincible

16. Ranked In

17. Ranked Out

18. No Record

19. Mario's Rank

20. Luigi's Rank

21. Peach's Rank

22. Yoshi's Rank

23. Bowser's Rank

24. Donkey Kong Jr's Rank

25. Koopa Troopa's Rank

26. Toad's Rank

27. Tournament Win

28. Tournament Lose

29. Battle Mode

30. Game Over

31. Special Ending

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