Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll
Super Monkey Ball Touch and Roll (NA)
North American box art
Developer(s) Amusement Vision
Publisher(s) Sega
Platform(s) Nintendo DS platform icon
Genre(s) Party

03ESRB - E  01PEGI 3  01CERO A  01Australian Classification Board - G

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Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll is a Nintendo DS video game initially released in 2005. It is part of the Super Monkey Ball series, and is the only one released on the popular handheld. In Japan, the game is simply known as Super Monkey Ball DS.


In the game, the player can control his character by either using the stylus or the D-pad, with the former being the primary and arguably preferred choice among gamers. If you wish, you can even combine both controls in order to beat a level.

In all there are 12 game worlds and plenty of minigames to conquer. Each world has a total of 10 levels. In the beginning, only three of the twelve worlds will be available for you. However, in order to get more worlds, you'll have to beat each one of them. The worlds in the game consists of:

World 1: Wet 'N' Windy
World 2: Junglistic Journey
World 3: Blistering Sands
World 4: Fantascene Falls
World 5: Palarvar Lava
World 6: Ice Lolly Land
World 7: Tempest Storm
World 8: Meteorite Mayhem
World 9: Big Bang Boom
World 10: Zero G Station
World 11: Studio One
World 12: Mesh Mosh