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The Super Multitap is a multiplayer adapter for the Super NES. It was manufactured and sold by Hudson Soft in 1993 and was available in two sets: by itself (with a suggested retail price of $29.95) and in a Party Pak bundle with Super Bomberman (sold at $69.95). The Super Multitap connects to the second controller port of the SNES Control Deck (leaving the first port free) and provides four additional ports, allowing for up to five players. The adapter has a switch for 2P mode and 3-5P mode, allowing for the peripheral to remain plugged into the console without affecting incompatible games.

While no first party multiplayer adapter was ever produced for the SNES, various compatible peripherals (both licensed and unlicensed) were produced by third-party companies such as Hori and Naki. Hudson Soft also released a second version of the adapter (called the Super Multitap 2) exclusive to Japan shaped like Bomberman's head.


In all there were at least fifty games released on the SNES that allowed for 3 to 5 players, thus requiring the Super Multitap (or any compatible device) if one wished to play modes that allowed for this amount of players. A list of games can be seen below:

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