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Super Noah's Ark 3D (also known as Super 3D Noah's Ark) is a SNES game released in 1994. The game is published by Wisdom Tree.


In a shooting game, which is similar to Doom or Wolfenstein, the player takes control of Noah who uses as slingshot, which is used as a gun. Noah must shoot at the angry animals to put them to sleep. In the final world levels, Noah fights a boss in the world.


  • Fruits - Used to give Noah points and give Noah a hundred percent after clearing. They don't give Noah ammo or heal Noah.
  • Food - There are several types: small boxes, large boxes, and knapsacks. Small boxes have five. Large boxes have twenty-five. Knapsacks have ten and will allow Noah to carry more than a hundred. Bread crumbs are also healing foods, but give Noah a small amount.
  • Pellets - Used to give Noah ammo. Noah has a slingshot. If Noah runs out of pellets, he uses his hand to feed the animals grain, which can cause a little damage. The Super Feeder 5000 is the Pellet Launcher in the whole game, which can take down animals faster.
  • Large Food - There are two: watermelon and cantaloupe. Cantaloupe launchers have rapid fire, but watermelons don't.
  • Keys - Used to help Noah open locks. If Noah loses all of his health and restarts the level, he doesn't need the key.
  • Bandages - There are two: small and large. Small bandages give Noah a medium amount of health, but larger bandages give Noah a larger amount of health.
  • Globes - Used to give Noah a 1-up. Noah cannot hold more than nine.
  • Doors - Doors are the common items in the game. Some Doors contain bonus rooms, exits, and locks.


  • Goats - Goats are simple enemies. They bleat as Noah hears them. They kick Noah and don't drop items when they sleep.
  • Sheep - A Sheep is similar to a goat. It makes a bleating noise, but spits at Noah.
  • Ostriches - Ostriches make chirping noises and are very fast. They spit to give Noah a great deal of damage, reducing eight percent.
  • Antelopes - Antelopes use hooves to make noises and are also tougher than Ostriches as they spit to give Noah greater deals of damage. Antelopes take twelve pellets to fall asleep.
  • Oxen - The Ox is considered to be the toughest animal in the game. An Ox is strong, but slow.
  • Obstacles - There are three blockers: pillars, cages, and cages. They cannot be moved or pushed. Other obstacles such as rubbish and puddles don't block Noah's path.


  • Camels - Camels are the easiest bosses in the game and make a moaning noise. They spit at Noah.
  • Giraffes - Giraffes act like the camel and make whistling noises, but they are a little tougher than the Camel.
  • Monkey - Monkeys will squeal by throwing painful coconuts at Noah.
  • Kangaroos - Kangaroos make springing noises and are tougher than Monkeys, but a bit aggressive.
  • Elephants - The Elephant will bellow and throw coconuts from its trunk at Noah and can charge him.
  • Bear - The Bear is the toughest boss in the game. It roars and has two phases: hiding and normal. The Bear will cause heavy damage to Noah with its claws. When the Bear falls asleep, the game ends.

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