Super Power Club logo

Super Power Club logo

The Super Power Club was a "subscribers only" club formed by the staff at Nintendo Power magazine in the mid-1990's. Readers automatically became Super Power Club members if they subscribed to the magazine.

Being a Club member allowed those readers access to bonus material within each Nintendo Power volume. Some of those bonuses included special strategy guides, behind-the-scenes material, contests, coupons for games, and free items such as stickers or collectible trading cards.

Special Nintendo Power volumes

  • Nintendo Power V44 had an entire section of the magazine specifically for Super Power Club members. It was over 30 pages of bonus material, plus it had a separate 16-page Mario Paint insert.
  • Nintendo Power V56 had a special "member's only" cover and a 16-page behind-the-scenes special. It also included a Super Nintendo Power Index that listed all SNES game up to that day.
  • Nintendo Power V68 had a special "member's only" cover and a multi-page insert that included a look at the best of 1994, a preview of 1995 games and details about Nintendo PowerFest '94.
  • Nintendo Power V71 had a 2-page special offering members a chance to spend their Power Stamps for Donkey Kong Country merchandise such as T-shirts, soundtracks and games.

Trading cards

Below are a few of the numbered trading cards.